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Sign Language Courses

Sign Language classes are given at the LCD, for anyone who are interested to learn the language of the Deaf community in Lebanon.  Parents of deaf children are also encouraged to participate so that they are able to communicate effectively with their own deaf child(ren).  The parents are also enabled to communicate with other deaf persons to learn more about their language and culture.

The LCD has given these classes for already many years, since 2004, and has provided these courses to different interested participants, teachers of the Deaf, university students, medical personnel, hard of hearing persons, etc.

Courses are given by experienced Deaf teachers/instructors, who are also giving classes at various university settings.  The Beginner Level is a 3-month learning duration, and is designed to introduce the basics of Sign Language to non-signers that will develop proficiency in the Lebanese Sign Language commonly used by the deaf people of Lebanon.  Both expression and comprehension skills are emphasized throughout this course.  The course also incorporates asking simple questions, explaining needs, interrupting conversations, expressing uncertainty, conformity and correcting, topic/comment structure, descriptive classifiers, among other. 

Upon the completion of this course, the participants who wish to broaden their knowledge in sign language and to understand the Deaf culture, can therefore go to the second level—the Intermediate Level—which is also of a 3-months duration.  This course emphases on the expansion of the Sign Language skills through the use of conversation and the increased development of grammatical structure and vocabulary.   Both expression and comprehension skills are also utilized throughout this course.

The specific objectives of these courses are:

·       to develop visual and gestural skills

·       to understand cultural and heritage ties of deaf people

·       to acquire sign language grammatical structure

·       to develop a general knowledge base including the history of sign language and the range of sign options available

·       be able to converse in sign language with Lebanese Deaf individuals, upon the completion of these courses


Texts and handouts are utilized during the courses.

If interested, please call us, or write us an email, to book your place.