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Awareness Programs

This program which has as an objective to promote the image of deaf people incorporates activities such as:

1. Talks through media (The LCD and its staff members are regularly participating to the TV and local newspaper to talk about the Deaf in general)

2. A book about deafness, written by Dr. Hussein Ismail, founder of the LCD, deaf himself, which is being distributed to the public for free (by the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs and the National Association for the Rights of the Disabled)

3. Activities in regular kindergarten and primary settings (experiment, telling a story interacting with a deaf puppet and introducing a deaf adult teaching some signs).

4. National Campaign for awareness on Early Detection and Early Intervention Program, in collaboration of the Ministry of Health and the local schools in different settings.

5. 4 Books on Lebanese Sign Language, written by Professor Roumanos and Dr. Ismail. The first book, based on a 3-year research and conduction, has been inserted into CD’s and distributed for free, as well as can be found in the Internet. A DVD disk, a supplementary lessons for these books, has been completed and published in 2010.