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The purpose of The Learning Center for the Deaf (LCD), is to provide quality programs to respond to the urgent needs of deaf persons in Lebanon, with great emphasis on education in its broad meaning, on advocacy, and awareness.

Therefore, the center was initiated with the aim of providing different services that respond to these needs. The first services founded were the Early Intervention Program and the High School program (see History).  However, an array of services was consequently initiated and through the years, with the aim to provide the Deaf a better world, respecting their right for equal opportunities, accessibility, social inclusion, and protection of their identity.

These services are either provided at the LCD, and/or when possible with other NGOs/DPOs/stakeholders. Advocating for the Rights of the Deaf at the level of the government is often done in partnership with other NGOs/DPOs/stakeholders.


The Services and Advocacy activities which the LCD is working on in partnership with other DPOS/NGOS/Stakeholders

-Early Detection



-Advocacy for the Rights of the Deaf


The Services offered at the Learning Center for the Deaf

-The High School Program

-The Technical School

-The Early Intervention Program and related services

-The Integrated, Montessori Oriented, Nursery and Preschool

-Sign Language Classes


-Awareness Program