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Structure of the LCD

Mission Statement

The Learning Center for the Deaf (LCD) is non-profit Charitable Service Organization, non sectarian, and non-governmental association established to promote, facilitate, and empower deaf men and women through education throughout Lebanon.

Motto of the LCD

"Do for others as you would like them to do for you"  Matthew 7:12

Organization Chart of the LCD

Please see the following link: The Organization Chart of the LCD

Contact person

Hussein Ismail, Ed.D. Director

Legal status
  1. Charity Registration No.: AD 89, established 2002 with the Lebanese Government
  2. Presidential Decree No.: 15798, established 2005
  3. License # 2/294, 2007 (the Integrated Nursery)
  4. License # 12/354, 2011 (High School Program for the Deaf)
Board of Administration
  1. Ms. Caroline Haykal, Chairman of the Board – (Deaf)
  2. Ms. Najah El Hamad, Vice President – (Deaf)
  3. Dr. Hussein Ismail, Secretary – (Deaf)
  4. Mr. Hisham Salman, Treasurer – (Deaf)
  5. Dr. Raed Mohsen, Member
  6. Mrs.  Charlotte Khalil, Member
  7. Dr. Assadour Khanjian, Member