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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy for Deaf Adults

This service is designed for deaf children who are older than 6 years as well as deaf adults who wish to enhance their speech and language skills. The Speech Therapist, working with deaf persons, helps them in two main areas which are as follows:

A. Speech and Articulation:

This area includes working on the production of speech sounds and improving speech intelligibility.

B. Language:

As it is known, deaf persons have several difficulties in understanding and using spoken language in its multiple dimensions. Therefore, improving linguistic skills includes different objectives, such as:

1.  Expand vocabulary (acquire specified and rich vocabulary, synonyms, different meanings for the same word).
2.  Enhance the production of correct sentences, from simple to complex structures.
3.  Improve conversational skills.
4.  Work on the pragmatic aspects of language (i.e.: social language and expressions, adapting language to the situation of communication)
5.  Work on the abstract aspects of language (i.e.: proverbs, expressions and idioms of spoken language)

Sessions for Primary Levels