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Society of Friends

Society of Friends

Society of the Friends of the LCD – Share with the less fortunate!!

The idea of the Society of Friends started for the purpose of supporting the LCD by individuals who choose to become supporting friends, based on their belief in the vision and mission of the LCD, and their desire to support.

Each friend is invited to visit the LCD and have a tour to be introduced to its services.  A friend decides if he/she likes to support the LCD both morally and financially.

A friend is invited to be aware of the quantity and quality of services offered by the LCD.  Financially, he/she is supposed to be committed on a yearly basis to donate a sum of either $20 or more, to support the services of the LCD.

Some friends may agree to invite more friends to contribute, and either connect them to the LCD directly or be the intermediating person between them and the LCD.  In this way, we can grow the web.

From every friend a sum of $5 will automatically be earmarked, to help trusted organizations in Africa or other countries of the third world.

This decision of contributing to another country was taken with the intention to promote a way of thinking, where persons in need can help those who are less fortunate.  If such a cycle can exist, the world can show more mercy and humanity.

It may be a dream; but dreams often come true.

If interested to be a committed friend, please print the following link, and donate today: Society of Friends - Form.  Thank you.