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Preparation for Audiometry

Preparation for audiometric testing

A new program that we started at the LCD is the preparation of children for the audiogram.  In the past, we used to prepare a child to be conditioned to respond Play Audiometry by having him/her manipulate a toy such as dropping blocks in a bucket, when hearing a sound of drum, other musical instruments, and voice.

Some children and despite such preparation still failed to perform the Play Audiometry test at the clinic outside the LCD, because they are not familiar with the sounds produced by the audiometer coming through the earphones.  Therefore we are now training the children with an audiometer and earphones giving them the same sounds which will be given to them during the final test. For our deaf children who are in the integrated Nursery, we are doing many preparatory steps to encourage the children for the test. 

For example, the tester (teacher of the Deaf) is going to the Nursery to do games with the children, then do auditory games, then do the test for all children (hearing and deaf) in the Nursery, then inviting two by two to the testing room, until the child is capable and encouraged to go for the test, where he will also get some goodie in the end.  This method seems to help a lot and we are quite excited about it.

Preparatory Phase